"Styles which start life on the street corner have a way of ending up on the backs of top models on the world’s most prestigious fashion catwalks. This shouldn’t surprise us because the authenticity which streetstyle is deemed to represent is a precious commodity."Everyone wants a piece of it."
Ted Polhemus

13 Nov 2009

16 Aug 2009


La FLIA, es la "fiesta del libro independiente", un proyecto colectivo de autoorganizacion y autogestión cultural, que cada vez se hace más grande. En su onceava edición, estuvimos allí sacando varias fotos.
La Feria se organizó en el IMPA, fabrica metalurgica recuperada. Libros, juguetes, cuadernos y objetos decorativos hechos a mano, editoriales independientes, fanzines, ediciones raras, revistas under, etc. Autarquismo en su máximo esplendor.

FLIA is an "indie books party", a collective project, self organized and self managed culturally, that it's getting bigger with each edition. We've been in it's eleventh edition taking a lot of pictures. The fair was organized at IMPA, a recovered metallurgical factory. Handmade books, toys, notebooks and ornaments, indie editorials, fanzines, rare editions, under mags, etc. Autarchism in its maximum splendor.

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1ra FLIA- Sexto Kultural- mayo 2006
2da FLIA- Sexto Kultural- septiembre 2006
3ra FLIA- Asamblea Palermo Viejo- diciembre 2006
4ta FLIA- Sexto Kultural y Mutual Sentimiento- mayo 2007
5ta FLIA- Facultad de Filosofia y Letras (U.B.A.)- octubre 2007
6ta FLIA- Mercado de Flores- diciembre 2007
7ma FLIA- Sexto Kultural y Mutual Sentimiento- mayo 2008
8va FLIA- IMPA -Fábrica recuperada- julio 2008
9na FLIA - La nueva esperanza - fabrica de globos recuperada- octubre 2008
10ma FLIA- Estacionamiento recupera por los estudiantes de la Fac de Sociales - Marzo 2009

para participar en la proxima FLIA:
espacio fliita: fliita.flia@gmail.com
escenario: flia escenario@gmail.com
charlas: flia.charlas@gmail.com
proyecciones: flia.proyecciones@gmail.com
artes visuales: flia.artevisual@gmail.com
puesto: flia.stands@gmail.com

10 Aug 2009

Dolly Aniversario 8 de Agosto

Desfile de Vickky Kawaii

Decora y Lolita Style

Decora style

Visual Style

Organizadores de Dolly




7 Aug 2009

J-Live 2 de Agosto en Asbury

Visual K Style

Bandas en vivo
D’s Air



J-Live es un evento que organiza Jigoku Argentina y es para fomentar la musica J-Rock y Visual K

Photo by : Kamineko

25 Jul 2009


The GothLoli style has its roots in the 70's but consolidated itself in the 90's as a strong subculture that nowadays is impacting the West as well as its homeland, the East. It's influenced by Victorian and Edwardian children's clothing, mixed with Rococco and 80's Gothic, giving the style a unique and recognizable pattern of dressing up. The Gothic Lolita, being a subgenre of the Lolita Style uses darker clothes and make up, but still in a delicate way, and that's what differences it with Western Gothic Styles. It never loses purity and inocense, or at least, it is always playing with these concepts.The style has been portraited in many Mangas and Animes in Japan and there are many Online Stores where you can order your own outfit and garments. You can visit: http://www.lacarmina.com/ where you'll find an online shop, galleries and information about the style.

Srita. Klaha

We have been at the 2nd DOLLY TEA PARTY, organized by Chiyo San, Gao San and Kurara San, three argentineans fond of the Japanese Visual Kei Culture. In this ocation I had the chance to portrait Gothic Lolitas again, as well as PsyberGoths, as we show below:

PsyberDoll Chiyo San
Psyber DolKurara SanGao San

The evening started at 4pm with a wonderful Ginger Tea with Japanese Cookies, ideal for the freezing winter we are going through. Meanwhile two big plasma TV's transmitted J-POP Bands and Anime Graphics. Don't miss the Dolly Anniversary on August the 9th, starting at 6pm and going on through the night, at the legendary Gothic nightclub REQUIEM (Av. de Mayo 948). For more information: www.dollygothic.com.ar

My friend Kamineko NyoNyoChiyo San & Kamineko