"Styles which start life on the street corner have a way of ending up on the backs of top models on the world’s most prestigious fashion catwalks. This shouldn’t surprise us because the authenticity which streetstyle is deemed to represent is a precious commodity."Everyone wants a piece of it."
Ted Polhemus

27 Jun 2009


DOLLY is a party celebrated once each month. This time, a Tea Party and Karaoke in HANAMI was the gathering point, a japanese caffe/restaurant where you could listen to japanese pop bands, drink tea and eat azuki rolls. The key to these parties is to celebrate Japanese Culture in all its dimentions. At the DOLLY you'll find Lolitas, Gothic Lolitas, Visual Kei, Goths, Cybergoths, Cosplayers and many other expressions of youth Japanese culture in Argentina, gathering a great mixture of styles as well as races.

The Music Videos that delighted the evening:
Visual Kei / J-Rock:
Kaya, The Gazette, Dir en Grey, Exist Trace, Miyavi, An Cafe, Girugamesh, L'arc en ciel, XJapan, Nightmare
Berryz Kobo, Koharu Kusumi, Buono, Koda Kumi, Gackt, Morning Musume, Ayumi Hamasaki
Special Selection:
Malice Mizer, Aural Vampire, Seileen, Vanished Empire, Demonoid13, Yousel Teikoku, All Project, Wakeshima Kanon, Psydoll

For more information about these parties, you can visit www.dollygothic.com.ar