"Styles which start life on the street corner have a way of ending up on the backs of top models on the world’s most prestigious fashion catwalks. This shouldn’t surprise us because the authenticity which streetstyle is deemed to represent is a precious commodity."Everyone wants a piece of it."
Ted Polhemus

3 Aug 2010

STREETSTYLE by Ted Polhemus

El 15 de septiembre se reedita el legendario libro del Ted Polhemus (el gurú de la moda urbana), StreetStyle. Su primer versión, editada en 1994, fue, como dice Chloe Sevigny de The New York Times, mi biblia. Años mas tarde, pude fundar este blog, inspirada en ese libro y con la indispensable ayuda y bendición del mismisimo autor.
El libro ha sido aumentado y corregido. Contiene una mayor cantidad de material fotográfico que incluye varias de las fotos que figuran en este blog. El encargado de la edición es "PYMCA photographic youth music culture", a su vez agente de las fotografías incluídas en el libro, de los archivos de Ted Polhemus, Paul Hartnett y míos, entre otros. Pueden acceder a las incontables galerías sobre cultura joven en www.pymca.com. Bastíon para cualquiera interesado en tribus urbanas, estilos musicales y estilo urbano.

“Streetstyle is my sartorial bible” –
Chloe Sevigny in The New York Times.

Without the Hipsters, Teddy Boys, Beats, Rockabillies, Rude Boys, Mods, Surfers, Hippies, Punks, B-Boys, Ravers, Harajuku Girls - and all the other streetstyle originals – most of us would be left without anything to wear. But the sharp suits, leather jackets, jeans, kaftans, flares, DMs, slick locks and so forth are only the visible, tangible part of this legacy. Oozing through the clothes, hairstyles, make-up and accessories is an attitude. An attitude which perhaps more than any other set the tone of life in the second half of the twentieth century and which shows no sign of dissipating in the twenty-first.

‘The Street’ is both the stage upon which this drama unfolds and the bottom line metaphor for all that is presumed to be real and happening in our world today. In the past, ‘Western Culture’ was most at ease and most recognisable within grand interiors. Today, as high culture has given way to popular culture in the 20th century’s most significant social revolution, it is the litmus test of ‘street credibility’ rather than that of class, which is crucial. If it won’t cut it on the corner, forget it.

First published by Thames and Hudson in 1994, Streetstyle has been a revelation right from its launch at London’s legendary V&A Museum, where the world’s most respected style pioneers toasted the birth of the world’s flagship styletribe tome.

This fully updated edition will feature nearly 100 extra pages with a four page bound insert, 5 new chapters, including over 250 compelling images, all packed into 224 devilishly stylish pages.

*Available 15th September 2010*


Ted Polhemus


Soft Cover, 224 pp 205mm x 255mm
ISBN 978-0-9562788-1-4

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